March 2, 2011

TUTORIAL: MBLAQ's Lee Joon Cry MV Inspired eye make up

w/out glitter
with glitter

I've finally finished editting the Lee Joon inspired look *claps* It took over a month!!! wtf? but not everyday of course, but it's finally up so YAY!!!!

Enjoy the video~

pictures && products used are IN the video =] 

*tear the sun seriously washed out my brows ><

I also have a tutorial on Thunder's eye make up from the MV

I went crazy cam-whoring after filming this tutorial so here are some pics ~

Guess WHO!!!

okay... the last one doesn't really look like the"moves" they were doing... but hint: kpop girl group =]
answers revealed at the very end~~~

&& Of course I have some mustache pics =] which totally relates to this post... since I'm wearing the Lee Joon inspired eye make up lol~

hm... *thinking face =]
EHHH?? (omg so canadian =] lol )
YOUUU *angry voice
what the... you're probably sick of my face now... but I've taken a million more which I will not bombarde you w/ so =D

(please highlight...only works for #1... no clue why...)

#1 Zoolander
#2 Dr. Evil
#3 "suave" Bond (yah...failed)
#4 T-ara's Why Are You Being Like This 왜 이러니 dance

The END!!!


  1. A really cool makeup look!


  2. Haha funny pictures and the result looks really nice.

  3. Hi Steph. The Naked palette at shoppers was $58. I couldn't wait and I worried they would be sold out, but from MAR 07 - MAR 11 you can recieve 18,500 points when you spend $75 or more.

  4. I love the edgy eye makeup tutorial. I couldn't help but crack up while looking at your pictures....LMAO

  5. Ok, first of all, the make up is HOT. Second, you are hilarious xD