February 26, 2011

look what i got in the mail =D

I've been having a pretty shitty week, not that anything bad happened in particular, but it's just been a bleh week. I think it's because of all the work I had to hand in , a final pattern draft, a half muslin fitting, and my design project. I've been sleep deprived and extremely out of it ~ But last night (Thurs) when I came home, this was waiting at my door =D Bought an instant smile to my face~

I won a giveaway from Beauty Crazed, it's a lovely blog run by Lisamarie and Christelle. The two ladies share a lot of up & coming products as well as collective mini reviews, comparing different brands that do the same thing. There's always contests, giveaways and new post updates~ 

I won $200 worth of Marc Anthony Winter hair products =D very exciting!!!

Everything was neatly packed, some boxes where a little crushed but it's just the box =p

One bottle of shampoo leaked a bit but no big damages =p

So this is what I got, but x2!!!

So many products, perfect if I like something, I already have a back up!!! 

I would have done a contest or something to share everything... but it would have been too heavy/ expensive to ship so I've  been giving things away to my friends and family

I'm very excited to try is the Volume cream and "dry" shampoo~ 

p.s I am planning to do some sort of giveaway/ contest this year =D



  1. Hope your weekend will be better. I've been so overwhelmed with school as well. Had 2 exams and an IV insertion check-off. Congrats on the giveaway. I actually won this same thing but the winner in US! EEKKKKKK! So excited to see what I got. It looks like a ton of stuff!!! :D I am hoping to have a giveaway soon too. I was going to do a birthday giveaway but with school I didn't want it to be a bother so I'm waiting until the summer so I've been buying items here and there to make a big giveaway.
    Sorry for a long comment. lol! and Congrats again.

  2. @Pam
    OMG that's so cool =D CONGRATS to you too <3 I was SO SHOCKED when lisamarie emailed me, and mine came really quick (1day) because I live really close I guess lol~~~ hope you receive yours soon!!! I know what you mean, summer would be a good time to do a giveaway~ and not a problem =D I love long comments lol~

  3. Aww sorry you had such a crappy week but time to enjoy the weekend right?

    Lucky you winning so many neat products I bet, can't wait to hear how you like them.

  4. Sorry you had a crappy week but yeah, I agree, nothing perks up a day than a package at the door ^_^ congrats on winning~

  5. Congrats! Such lovely products! ^__^

  6. how sweet! congrats on winning girl~ that was some nice products to try out.

  7. wow so much! you're so lucky =] i never win giveaways ='(

  8. congrats! My blog is also having a giveaway contest. Check it out if u r interested.

  9. Wah, great haul! So jelly XD

  10. thank you for all the sweet comments <3