February 5, 2011

Initial Reaction: Hair Extensions (synthetic fiber) - picture heavy & rambles~

I seriously need to get my Best && Worst of 2010 (products & life happenings) up, but I keep on getting distracted with other posts/ videos or homework >< Anyways one of the "worst" things that happened in 2010, was when I impulsively cut my hair, I usually get over things like this quickly, but how it looked was seriously upsetting me. So I decided I NEED extensions, while browsing online, I came across Luxy Extensions (160g $140, 100% remy hair free shipping) sounded like a decent price, and the reviews I researched sounded good!!! but then it dawned on me... I've never had hair extensions before, is it really worth it? forking over $140 on a product I may or may not like/ use. So back to browsing it was... while on ebay I came across bfcompany's store, they offered synthetic fiber extensions that were of "better quality then those in the market" & with a mini sale (Original: $22.99USD "sale" $19.50 ish) I committed, and purchased the 20" 14pc dark brown hair extensions. I ordered on January 17, product was shipped on Jan 18 and arrived it on Feb 2~ It took a day over 2 weeks to arrive from Korea with free shipping (any purchase over $19 unless otherwise stated) It arrived in a bright purple plastic package (no would just be a purple rectangle), on the customs slip it stated (hair accessory, gift, $10)  kinda smart IMO, it would kinda suck if I got taxed lol! (but since I'm not a major online shopper, I'm not sure if most companies do that or not =p) Anyways with this purchase I crossed off making an "ebay purchase" on my NYR list (which I also have to post ><) I'm finally done rambling *applause* lol on to the pictures and my initial reaction~

(removed plastic cover)

(I had a little trouble un-clipping the clips, but only because i stupidly didn't know how to open it!! lol)

(taken from bfcompany's product page)

Comparing the pieces I received with the company picture, one can CLEARLY see the difference in hair given (but it was expected, so not surprised) When I first opened the package there were a couple hairs that fell out, but that was also expected so no problem with that either. The color I ordered was dark brown, and it was the color I got/ imagined it to be~ The hairs are extremely soft and feel nice between my fingers, in fact it was softer then my real hair (shame on me lol) it kinda feels like "typical straight soft/ minimal-damaged asian hair" I've already tried them on (sorry no pics) , it was fairly easy to clip in and they seem to blend seamlessly with my real hair. The store was also easy to maneuver around, and the only problem with the store, is that some of the prices are in USD while others are in AUD.(bidding & buy it now options) Other then that I'm really happy with my purchase (paid $19.85 CND, buy it now option) but this is only my initial reaction, I'll be doing a more in-depth review when I've used it a decent amount of time. 


p.s i changed my mixpod, new songs *claps*


  1. Hmm I've been debating if I should get hair extensions as well but the ones at the store are so expensive. Like Jessica Simpsons are so pricy. Once you've gotten use to your extensions you should let me know if it is really worth it. If it is I think I'll have to get one for my own as well. Thanks for the review. It was very helpful.

  2. I bought the remy human hair extensions from Soho, very, very expensive. I also bought remy extensions off of a site on ebay much cheaper but the it's not as full as the ones that I got from Soho. Soho ones are also made much better--you definitely get what you pay for. I love my extensions, both of the brands. The only real problem that I have with the cheap ones is the ends with the clips will poke out and can be noticeable.


  3. I used to want a hair extension because I was getting impatient about my hair taking forever to get long ;3 great post!

  4. @Pam
    I know right!!! I've seen the jessica ones at winners but they've all been opened, touched && ruined...
    i'll definitely do a review, once i'm used to them!!!

    are the extensions you're talking about the curly ones shown on your blog??? the hairstyles were really cute && thanks for the heads up about the clips, I wasn't really looking at them at all~ just the hair lol =p

  5. I've always wanted hair extension too but I bought it once and accidently ruined it :\
    Short hair can be nice as well :)

  6. @ Silkybow
    I agree, short hair is nice, && super nice on some ppl just not me =p lol

  7. looks so good on you ! Very natural look for synthetic hair, im impressed.
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