February 17, 2011

Favorites of 2010...products~

WARNING: Long Post Ahead... 
it's finally up =D

I originally wanted to do a "life" bit too, but changed my mind because quite honestly it would just a bunch of babbles lol, so I skipped it and did just products.

 The problem with END of the year faves is that I tend forget what I liked in the first half of the year, or certain skin problems occur && one can no longer use said products in their routine but would still like them once problem is completely gone. So I do believe Kat (mai-kat oshaberi) is quite the genius in doing half year faves (Spring/Summer && Fall/Winter), which I hopefully will do this year, because with the season change my favorites tend to differ too so my current list is kinda incomplete~ There are also products I discovered/ started using at the end of the year that I really liked but did not include in the list because they have not done their "time" to make it on the list lol =] 

Please note the underlined products are products I will be doing a FULL review on, it will be linked and highlighted once reviewed, if a product you'd like a review on is NOT underlined feel free to request~

There were also 2 other products that I LOVED and deserve to be on this list, but too bad they don't photograph well/ looks kinda dirty? && they are...

- Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner - Dark Brown
- Eco Tools - Mineral Make Up Travel Kit

Okay enough babbles~ on to the rest of the list =D 

St. Ives Elements - Olive Cleanser
(will review with the scrub I've recently purchased)

I use it in the shower every night with a brush, it cleans my face without drying it out =D

Pond's Dry Skin Cream & Pond's Cold Cream

the dry skin cream has done wonders~ loveeeeeee =] && the cold cream removes all my face make up

Make Up For Ever HD foundation #118 && Revlon PhotoReady Foundation 006 Medium Beige
(the Revlon color is too dark for my skin current skin shade, my current color should be 004 Nude but I have yet to purchase~)

Both these foundations give a nice even medium coverage, I don't really see the "sparkles" others see && I use a wet sponge to apply both, usually 3/4 - 1 pump each time~

(I only use one foundation at a time, in case that was confusing for anyone =p)

Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer - 103 Soft Honey

this is my go-to concealer when I want to outline the shape of my lips, what I really like is that it covers great && doesn't leave a white outline in flash photography unlike my MAC concealer~

 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil
(will do a comparison review w/ MUFE's Aqua Eyes in 0L, I also have different color minis I liked but eyeliners are very hard to photograph since they tend to roll~)

This eyeliner is fabulous~ staying power is quite nice~ considering my watery eyes...

MAC Pigment - Gold Mode && Maybelline Quad- 02 Natural Smokes

I absolutely ADORE MAC pigments, and Gold Mode has to be my favorite =D (so sad they no longer sell this size... it's not exactly a new favorite but I used it the most this year) I use it almost everyday and it's such a pretty, versatile & shimmery color to have as an all over lid color, these two also happen to be my favorite combination atm~ The Maybelline quad has an all over lid color but I find it a little dark to put all over my lid so i use Gold Mode first then the top left taupe shade as a half of my lid color. 

LaSenza EYE Seductive Shadow

I was a little skeptical in including these in my favorites list, because they are now discontinued and it would suck if I rave about them and people are unable to pick these up... but they are amazing and deserve to be noticed, so if you ever see any of these left PICK THEM UP!!! I seriously wish I got back-ups of every color... but this will have to do~ the long one at the bottom is a Revlon one, it's an on the fence product...


Both these lashes are plastic but they blend in great~ the one on the top is my favorite natural but BAM gorgeous lashes && the bottom ones are super fun lashes that SPICE up any look~

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - 202 Crush & Revlon Matte Lipstick - 005 Strawberry Suede

(the rimmel lipstick shown here is my back up that's why it looks so new~)

Crush is my go-to lipstick, it's my absolute FAVE, it's a light coral shade and is very flattering on me =D  Strawberry Suede is not a color I wear often but it's beautiful~ Personally I find it dupes MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, when you use a lip balm underneath (tried in stores) , but there's no picture evidence to prove this, since I'm still a MAC lipstick virgin...

Salon LaCoupe Volume Shampoo && Conditioner

OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE this shampoo && conditioner combo~ It's done wonders for my hair, seriously livened it =D

Revlon 3 Barrel Waver, Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray && Pantene Intensive Restoration Treatment

The Revlon barrel waver is affordable && works great, Dove hairspray does as stated, a flexible hold. Pantene treatment is another hair wonders product =D

Johnson's Bedtime Creamy Wash

Originally got this because it was on sale, and offered a bunch of Optimum points (Shoppers Drug Mart point system) but it smells amazing, not like a baby product at all~ I'm usually sleepy when I use this so I'm not really sure if it makes me sleep any better XD haha but I've purchased more products from this line and will be doing a review~


Product's I've finished/ hit pan on...


Finished: MAC concealer NC30, C29 Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover
Pan: MAC MSF Medium

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  1. ohh i use makeup forever HD foundation too :)

  2. I really like the make up forever HD foundation too. Muaha I love it when Shopper's has their 20X points when you purchase a min of 50 or 75 dollars on beauty and make up products. The iffy thing it that they are over priced but their department store products are the same compared to other places. Did you like the St Ives olive scrub? Uy I'm having issues with it and i don't know if I'll ever finish the one I have now.

  3. Ooh! So many things i like in here too :) I love the Photo Ready foundation!! :D Good stuff! And I hope you review the cleansers!! :) I am a new follower :)

  4. Great list! I haven't tried more than half of the items on your list so they will go on my "need to try" list. Thanks for doing this and will be looking forward to your future reviews.


  5. great favourites! I have really dry and yucky skin in the winter. I should definitely try PONDS. Also, I'm so jealous because I've been looking for Revlon 3 Barrel Waver and I can't seem to find it anywhere here in Toronto. aahhh hope to find it soon. great favourites =)

  6. you have amazing favorites for the past year. i've seen many items i love also. can't wait for your full reviews esp. the ponds cold cream. i'm interested in that also.

  7. @lisa
    the MUFE HD foundation is awesome =D

    I KNOW RIGHT??? SDM is seriously over-priced w/out a sale or "bonuses" but i love it nonetheless~ i've been using it for a month + but it's still an on the fence thing... lol

    @rainy days and lattes
    lol =D thank you && i will soon~

    @ Kat
    lol =D thank you~ a lot of my stuff is drugstore & sephora items, I'd love to get into more asian brands but they're so much harder to attain =p

    @ Charlene-ann
    thank you~ i knowwww don't you just hate it?? ponds is awesome, but some people find it too rich... =p just a heads up lol i didn't get the revlon 3 barrel waver in toronto, got it in a wal mart in the states for $15ish

    @fruity lashes
    thank you =D there were some items i wished I came across earlier lol but at least i've discovered them this past year =D better late then never, will try to get my reviews up soon !!!

  8. Ive not seen that Pinksuade Revlon lipstick anywhere! I'm not sure if we have it in the UK...but I need it! x

  9. @Keyta Hawkins
    yah it's quite pretty~ I hope you find it ^^