February 19, 2011

Unofficial SaSa Haul

You might be wondering why I named this my "Unofficial SaSa Haul" and the reason is I didn't purchase these items via  SaSa online. Like all my SaSa items, they have been bought for me from family and friends that have gone back to Hong Kong, some were gifts while others were requested purchases~ I currently have a SaSa order being processed, and my experience shopping with SaSa online has not been too pleasant... So if my order fails yet again... I'll rant then... but now I give you my haul =D yipee~

HKD(in store price) -  CND (canadian conversion)  - USD (online price)
if there's a "/" it just means sale price/regular price

all the products were requested purchases except for the Biore nose pore pack
items from L-R
1. Biore Pore Pack 
HKD $21.9 - CND$2.77 - USD N/A
2. My Beauty Diary - Bird's Nest Mask
  HKD$50 - CND$6.31 - USD$12.10/$15.10
3. AB Mezical Fiber
  HKD$90 - CND$11.37 - USD$12.40/$14.60
4. My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol
  HKD$50 - CND$6.31 - USD$12.10/$15.10
5. Nexcare 3M Acne Dressing 
HKD$38.9 -  CND$4.91 - USD$5.20

1. *whoot* I can now compare my favorite black Kose Softymo nose strip with a Biore one~

2. & 4 OMG WTF??? $6 =0 for a box of MBD??? that's like $0.60 a mask~~~ 

3. I got the fibers after Kat's comparison review & tutorial (the tutorial is not for this brand but it works the same... according to the comparison =] ) 

5. I purchased 10 boxes of this stuff, it's on my HG list and it's one of the few items that are!!! LOVE IT will review soon, I have pictures taken already... i just have to write...

lookie~ it came with free oil sheets =D I'm a happy camper~ 
p.s I was down to my last box and was seriously freaking out!!!

Other News:

I've recently won Mindy's giveaway ~ 
YAY I recieved the package last week but didn't blog about it until now...
(stole the picture from her post lol)


I've asked my friend Shannon to guest blog on her favorite products =D She's absolutely hilarious and my enabler -_-' grrrrr... lol <3 



  1. Great Sasa haul! You've had problems when you've ordered from Sasa? I've had only pleasant experiences. I'm also currently waiting for an order from Sasa. It's the first time that I can't access the tracking from the info that they gave me so I'm hoping everything goes through well.

    I hope that the Mezical Fibers work out for you.


  2. Oooo I want those MBD masks. Bird's nest and apple were the 2 I wanted to try the most. Let us know how they compare.

  3. i think its much better having a family pick it up for you ;) I tried the nexcare patches and bird nest MBD masks, they are all really cool!

  4. Nice haul and I miss SaSa and HongKong a bunch :( xx~

  5. I've never ordered from Sasa before. I hear they take forever to ship. Anyways, please do a review on the Nexcare acne dressing.

  6. @Kat
    yah... i think it's because I"m using a credit card...hope the order goes through soon !!! me too~

    i've just tried the apple one last night and it smells wonderful!!! lol

    @Nic Nic
    lol it seems easier && better prices but sometimes I feel bad asking them to lug things over~

    @Ice Pandora
    thank you =] I felt really out of place when I went back to HK, but I keep on hearing all these great things about it... might have to go back and check again lol

    for sure =D it's an HG i've been wanting to share since forever lol~

  7. Aww, this is very beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  8. Do those nose things actually work? I've been wanting to try them!

  9. ahhh how did I miss this post O_O!? ughhh sasa :( very displeased with them right now :( But I hope you post about the MBD Natto mask :D I haven't tried that one yet ^^

    And congrats on winning ^_^!

  10. @Henar
    thank you =D

    i haven't used this brand yet, but I do like my usual Kose one, there's a review on my old youtube channel~

    @ Elle
    lol~ you mean the bird's nest right? definitely will~ i have a billion drafts... but nothing is posted =p && thank you~