April 1, 2011

Purolator, Dalton && Boogers

Warning: the first paragraph is very rambly lol 

So my little "review/ experience" with Purolator... (this is all last week) my package was sent out on Tuesday and was set to arrive on Wednesday, unfortunately I was not home, thus the pick up notice. Because the location for pick-up was REALLY far from where I lived, I called customer service and re-scheduled another delivery for Friday. It came on Thursday, I wasn't home, so again the pick up notice, which was quite annoying because I scheduled for Friday not Thursday, because I knew I would be home then and Purolator only does 2 deliveries (which is fair, if one is missed the other is scheduled...) So once again customer service once again (really friendly btw) the lady told me it was noted in the confirmation # note and the package will arrive on Friday, just call 8 AM Friday morning to confirm delivery. Which I thought was a little weird and unhappy about because I had a late class and I didn't want to wake up early (I know I'm lazy lol) so I call at 8 and the rep tells me I should have gotten a new confirmation # and my package was not coming today, but gave me a new confirmation # because it was their fault and said it'll come on Monday. So I go on twitter to rant, within minutes Purolator from twitter replies my tweet in case I need further assistance, which I was quite impressed by =D 

In short, Purolator has pretty good customer service, it would have been excellent if I didn't have to call a third time~ And their twitter tweeter was very nice~

@ This is Jeremie. Need help with a shipment? You can send details to

@ OK. Let us know if there's anything we need to follow up on.

My package came this Monday, I won a giveaway from Beauty Crazed (yippeeee), a lip gloss set from Dalton (brand I've never heard before, but it was nicely packaged) It came with a letter from The Shopping Channel PR congratulating me on winning and also a $20 "gift card/ code", if I'm not mistaken Lisamarie one of the writers for Beauty Crazed happens to work at The Shopping Channel. 

The colors I was most excited about were the 2 on the left, especially the top left one (Janie), I don't own any colors that dark!!! Can't wait to use them more and review them =] 

Sorry for not updating lately, school has been super busy, and it'll continue to be for the next 2 weeks or so, but after that it's SUMMER =D YAY lol so I'll post more then...

anyways Bubbi/ Lindy of Bubzbeauty held a contest awhile back, I started to film my commercial entry but never finished but here are some pictures lol =]

(partial sneeze, the "booger" tickled my nose, but it looks like i'm crying lol)

&& this is why I love the mac photobooth~ =D

aren't I pretty??? HAHA