May 30, 2011

Hong Kong Lottery Tickets

I've been in Hong Kong for a week and a half now, and I've noticed the culture is quite interesting =] One of the things I learned, is that Hong Kong people like lining up!!! Personally I'm not a fan of lines, but I've been told Hong Kong people love lining up for things, whether it may be for lottery tickets or LE items. It's not necessarily the lining up for something in the heat, but rather getting the highly sought after item. 

Yesterday's lottery was 100 million HKD (apprx 12 million CAD) people went crazy and lined up to buy tickets, apparently they've never had a lottery grand prize this high. I'm not someone that buys lottery tickets every week, just occasionally so this was quite interesting. In Canada one can buy lottery tickets at almost every drug or convience store, but in Hong Kong they have "clubs" that sell them. They usually have have many locations, and one can also buy via the phone, cell phone or online, my grandfather was extremly excited, and wanted to go to the location that had the most jackpots. So we lined up to purchase tickets, it was quite long, after lining up outside, there were more lines inside, but it was better there because they had a/c! The "transactions/ purchase" was extremely quick, but because there were so many people, we had to exit from a sketchy back stairway. 

I ended up spending $230 HKD of lottery tickets, which is apprx $28 CND... that's quite a lot of money =0 I purchased 2 $70 tickets on behalf of my parents and I myself spent $90. I didn't plan to buy a ticket, only accompany my grandfather and purchase of behalf of my parents, but I got caught up in the hype XD lol I wanted to get a $70 quick pick, but the lady made a mistake so I ended up with 2 tickets. Unfortunately I didn't win =[ not even a little prize, but I did see people buy like 15 tickets or more which is absolutely crazy in my opinion. 

P.S this post was meant to go up last week? but it didn't so here it is now XD lol 

May 8, 2011

Triumph Inspiration Award Entry - In Their Arms

Earlier this year, I joined my first fashion design competition, the Triumph Inspiration Award Berlin 2011. The theme was "125 Years of Celebrating Women" focusing on the maternal side of women, this piece was created. 

It's called "In Their Arms"... inspired by the maternal side of women, birds were the perfect symbol to represent motherhood. Using the feathered wings of a bird, warm and protective, coming out from the swell of a woman's back, they tenderly cup the wearer's bosom and sex, much like the arms of a lover.  

close up of the bra

 close up of whole piece - full right view    

full left view - back view

It's a one piece design with a underwire bra. The feathers used were from a variety of birds, and were sewn on one by one.

I'm generally happy with this piece, even though I didn't place. If I were to re-do it, I would probably add more structure to the back, so it actually looks like the wings grew from the woman's back. Secondly I would get more shades of brown, to get more dimension in the feathers. (you can actually see it in person, but not in pictures, that's why it has to be changed) Lastly I want to minimize the number of straps seen in the back, maybe change the base color to a nude or see through.  

May 6, 2011

Advance Screening: Something Borrowed - review && experience

Last night (wed) I went to see the advance screening of Something Borrowed, thanks to the ravishing *wink* Lisamarie of BeautyCrazed!!! She got to interview one of the actors, Colin Egglesfield the next day!!! (read here

Beauty Crazed is a blog that introduces the latest releases from high end to drug store brands. Although I love how it keeps me updated on all the newest products, my favorite posts of the blog is whenever Lisamarie is more personal. (does that make sense? lol) I find her very funny and the post (linked above) is a lovely example of her being both informative and humorous =]   

full ticket, that was to be exchanged at the box office for 2 admittance tickets =] 

(I forgot to take a picture of the other side -_-', but it was the Warner Brothers logo and security warnings)

Close up

&& yes one of the main actors Colin Egglesfield, who played Dex in the film came to the screening!!! but I wish John Krasinski came instead =p hehe <3 him 

I've never gone to an advance screening before, so I was kinda confused as to what it was. At first I thought it was just seeing the movie before it officially premieres, (for those that don't want to hear me ramble on how stupid I was, that's exactly what it is lol) but then I read that the lead actor was going to show up and the crazy security rules. So my imagination took a turn, and I was thinking maybe we have dress up a little, for a moment I thought about cocktail wear. But it was at a regular movie theatre so I wore an outfit that was a little more casual. Then the whole security warning they had on the ticket, it sounded so intense, like I was gonna get strip searched and stuff. But none of that happened, they just made sure we had the correct tickets, and there were people monitoring us while we were watching the film. 

Tip: If you're invited to an advance screening, start lining up 45mins - 1hr before the movie starts ^^

After the movie, Colin shows up again to answer a few questions.
Pictures with fans outside the theatre

Overall, it was a very nice experience, and I learned that an advance screening is just seeing the movie earlier lol and nothing crazy. The movie itself was quite enjoyable, very funny, it was almost the perfect chick flick, except I didn't cry. There were scenes where I had tears welled up ready to fall, but the scene changed so quickly they didn't get to. I do recommend seeing this movie, the trailer doesn't do it justice and if you decide to watch it, I hope you like it as much as I did!!!