May 8, 2011

Triumph Inspiration Award Entry - In Their Arms

Earlier this year, I joined my first fashion design competition, the Triumph Inspiration Award Berlin 2011. The theme was "125 Years of Celebrating Women" focusing on the maternal side of women, this piece was created. 

It's called "In Their Arms"... inspired by the maternal side of women, birds were the perfect symbol to represent motherhood. Using the feathered wings of a bird, warm and protective, coming out from the swell of a woman's back, they tenderly cup the wearer's bosom and sex, much like the arms of a lover.  

close up of the bra

 close up of whole piece - full right view    

full left view - back view

It's a one piece design with a underwire bra. The feathers used were from a variety of birds, and were sewn on one by one.

I'm generally happy with this piece, even though I didn't place. If I were to re-do it, I would probably add more structure to the back, so it actually looks like the wings grew from the woman's back. Secondly I would get more shades of brown, to get more dimension in the feathers. (you can actually see it in person, but not in pictures, that's why it has to be changed) Lastly I want to minimize the number of straps seen in the back, maybe change the base color to a nude or see through.  


  1. Very imaginative and I think that it's awesome. Great job!


  2. you did a great job steph, very creative!!! you can only get better from here. and mann... sewn on one by one?!?!?! O.O

  3. congrats on your first show! I like the idea you had behind the piece and the feathers. I definitely agree that less straps would've added to the piece..but still it's very pretty :)

  4. Omgosh steph that piece is amazing!! I never knew you were so crazy talented hehe.

  5. Absolutely wonderful!
    Exceptionally inspirational!
    I'll introduce this blog to my wife. :)

  6. This is unique and inspired!! I wish I could sew >.< I like to draw clothes but I cant sew them!!