March 22, 2011

Difference Between New && Old My Beauty Diary Masks

Before I start on My Beauty Diary Masks reviews, I thought I'd show some comparisons between the old and new MBDs. Which was something I was curious about when I first researched and started using them. 

The 2 boxes of masks I'm comparing today have been manufactured on different dates, unfortunately I'm not exactly sure when the masks were changed in packaging and thickness.

Japanese Cherry Blossom : 2009. 11. 25 - 2012. 11. 25
Black Pearl: 2010. 07. 28 - 2013. 07. 28

MBDs have a shelf life of 3 years

EDIT: 03/23/2011
I forgot to mention, on the new boxes the little mask on the front under the "flavor/ scent" is filled in with shiny gold, where as the old ones only have the outline...

Right Side View
not a significant difference, cherry blossom outline only/ black pearl two-toned, colored in
Left Side View
black pearl: company info on the side instead of back, has extra design detail, where as cherry blossom is solid color block
Back View
obvious difference in layout, graphics in BP

Personally I prefer the back of the new boxes more because the words are not as cramped, more "professional"looking and it's more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Cherry Blossom : (company website)
Black Pearl : (line website)
Mask Pack Front:
the black pearl is 1/16" bigger at the top, but same size other then that
Mask Pack Back:
more info regarding mask on BP, I like this better because the user can recycle the box and still know info on the mask
old mask (japanese cherry blossom) thick, less flexible 
new mask (Black Pearl), WAY thinner, more serum, more flexibility in fit

I will have one more post on MBD and it's tips to get the most out of your MBDs~ 
then I'll get on to the reviews =] 


March 13, 2011

REVIEW: The Make Up Store - Beetle

the camera does NOT do this polish justice~ it's so much sparklier in real life~
middle finger: matte about you top coat
ring finger: black nail polish first then beetle on top
products used: L-R
Revlon Multicare Base and Top Coat
The Make Up Store - Beetle
NYC - 119A Black Lace
Revlon ColorStay - Sealing Shine
Essie - Matte About You (will be doing a detailed, pic heavy review, when I have time)
NOTD - Half Moon Manicure
 these are my current nails, it's SUCH a shame that you can't see the full sparkle effect~
black base, beetle on top, sparkly white gold accents (GIG 136 Ornament)

Product: The Make Up Store - Beetle

Finish: sparkle shimmer, duo chrome,  SUPER micro glitters, makes the polish even sparklier under sunlight

Color: 5/5
Such a beautiful color, it's so sparkly, I seriously CANNOT stress how sparkly it is especially under bright lighting. It's a dark forest green and with a black base it's changes to a blue under-tone green~ I love it!!!

Brush: 5/5
The brush is thin, but it spreads out nicely; and because it's a sheer polish it's harder for it to get streaky~

Opacity: 2/5
This is a sheer polish, but because of the color it's not to hard to build up opacity, takes around 4-5 coats to get the results I have (ref: 1st pic) 

Price: ?
This was gifted to me, so I got this for free... so I don't mind the price? lol

Overall: 4/5
Such a pretty color, I absolutely adore it, especially with black as a base. The sparkles are another thing that I really like, and it just has a smooth application. The one bad thing is I don't know where I can go to re-purchase this polish, on the bottle it says Made in Canada but according to the site, they don't have a store here!!!


I've recently won a spur of the moment giveaway from MsLaBelleMel (Youtube & Blog)
I got my prize yesterday, I was only expecting my first Zoya nail polish in Elodie, but she gifted me a bunch of other little surprises =D

It was funny because I was having an off day yesterday and when I came home this was waiting for me, it's such a nice surprise to get packages you didn't expect or forgot about!!! Can't wait to start sending my own~ 

The END!!!

March 12, 2011

TUTORIAL: Kan Mi Youn Paparazzi MV Inspired

In the tutorial I picked the wrong lashes, for this look you should choose lashes that are longest in the middle!!!

ENJOY the tutorial!!!

As always, pictures and products are IN the video~

Don't forget to check out the original music video

the choreography is rather cute in my opinion~ 


March 5, 2011

REVIEW: Geo Olive Green Circle Lens

Product: Geo Olive Series Olive Green

Diameter: 14.00mm

Color: 4/5
Green is my favorite color, that fact along with this picture was why I purchased these lenses
As you can see the colors are not similar AT ALL!!! but it's a pretty shade of green nonetheless...

Opacity 3/5
Although these lenses cover my original eye color, they're not opaque enough to "lighten" my eye, and even with SUPER flash photography, you can only see it a little...

Design 3/5 
The olive series was designed to blend naturally with your eye, being an asian and all, there was no way green contacts were going to look natural... with that said it's still rather natural because of the ring color, it's a dark green instead of black, which contributes to the illusion of green eyes... 

Enlargement Effect 4/5
As you can see from the photo below, my eyes do look larger && dollier thanks to the lenses. The fact that my eyes are medium sized (asians), it helps make the enlargement effect of the lenses more evident. But if you have bigger eyes, these lenses won't do much, I'd also like to point out that the lenses look dollier in person versus photo. 

Comfort 4/5
These are fairly comfortable, I could wear them 6+ hrs without irritation, sometimes my vision blurs but I can blink it out, so no biggie. Another thing is the "viewing hole" or the clear part of the lens is a decent size, therefore unless your eyes are super dilated, the color of the lens should NOT be the reason for blurred vision. 

Overall: 3/5 && 4/5
3/5 to those that want a dramatic color change and dolly eyes (don't recommend)
4/5 to those that want "natural" lenses that offer an enlargement effect (recommend)

As much as I like these lenses, I would not be re-purchasing them, simply because there are so many other lenses out there I'd like to try, and I just don't LOVE these...So I'll enjoy them while they last...

View my HAUL for these lenses here~


March 2, 2011

TUTORIAL: MBLAQ's Lee Joon Cry MV Inspired eye make up

w/out glitter
with glitter

I've finally finished editting the Lee Joon inspired look *claps* It took over a month!!! wtf? but not everyday of course, but it's finally up so YAY!!!!

Enjoy the video~

pictures && products used are IN the video =] 

*tear the sun seriously washed out my brows ><

I also have a tutorial on Thunder's eye make up from the MV

I went crazy cam-whoring after filming this tutorial so here are some pics ~

Guess WHO!!!

okay... the last one doesn't really look like the"moves" they were doing... but hint: kpop girl group =]
answers revealed at the very end~~~

&& Of course I have some mustache pics =] which totally relates to this post... since I'm wearing the Lee Joon inspired eye make up lol~

hm... *thinking face =]
EHHH?? (omg so canadian =] lol )
YOUUU *angry voice
what the... you're probably sick of my face now... but I've taken a million more which I will not bombarde you w/ so =D

(please highlight...only works for #1... no clue why...)

#1 Zoolander
#2 Dr. Evil
#3 "suave" Bond (yah...failed)
#4 T-ara's Why Are You Being Like This 왜 이러니 dance

The END!!!