March 13, 2011

REVIEW: The Make Up Store - Beetle

the camera does NOT do this polish justice~ it's so much sparklier in real life~
middle finger: matte about you top coat
ring finger: black nail polish first then beetle on top
products used: L-R
Revlon Multicare Base and Top Coat
The Make Up Store - Beetle
NYC - 119A Black Lace
Revlon ColorStay - Sealing Shine
Essie - Matte About You (will be doing a detailed, pic heavy review, when I have time)
NOTD - Half Moon Manicure
 these are my current nails, it's SUCH a shame that you can't see the full sparkle effect~
black base, beetle on top, sparkly white gold accents (GIG 136 Ornament)

Product: The Make Up Store - Beetle

Finish: sparkle shimmer, duo chrome,  SUPER micro glitters, makes the polish even sparklier under sunlight

Color: 5/5
Such a beautiful color, it's so sparkly, I seriously CANNOT stress how sparkly it is especially under bright lighting. It's a dark forest green and with a black base it's changes to a blue under-tone green~ I love it!!!

Brush: 5/5
The brush is thin, but it spreads out nicely; and because it's a sheer polish it's harder for it to get streaky~

Opacity: 2/5
This is a sheer polish, but because of the color it's not to hard to build up opacity, takes around 4-5 coats to get the results I have (ref: 1st pic) 

Price: ?
This was gifted to me, so I got this for free... so I don't mind the price? lol

Overall: 4/5
Such a pretty color, I absolutely adore it, especially with black as a base. The sparkles are another thing that I really like, and it just has a smooth application. The one bad thing is I don't know where I can go to re-purchase this polish, on the bottle it says Made in Canada but according to the site, they don't have a store here!!!


I've recently won a spur of the moment giveaway from MsLaBelleMel (Youtube & Blog)
I got my prize yesterday, I was only expecting my first Zoya nail polish in Elodie, but she gifted me a bunch of other little surprises =D

It was funny because I was having an off day yesterday and when I came home this was waiting for me, it's such a nice surprise to get packages you didn't expect or forgot about!!! Can't wait to start sending my own~ 

The END!!!


  1. The green nailpolish is beautiful!

  2. ooooooo I like this half moon nails! It's really classy, I love it!

  3. sexy nails~
    Lucky women! Congrats on winning :D

  4. love the metallic green color so pretty!!

    love the half moons you did :)

  5. i love the combination for the nails :O nice x

  6. gorgeous color combo!

    <3 steffy

  7. wow Beetle is a greener version of Chanel's Black Pearl. I don't think I've seen the brand here in the US though. Great color combo!

  8. i wanted to try zoya polishes for the longest effing time!! and yeah i look fwd to seeing ur review on matte about u. i was abt to buy it on ebay but then elf had a sale and so i bought the elf one instead. its not too too good so i hope to find an alternative! LOok fwd to it =D