March 5, 2011

REVIEW: Geo Olive Green Circle Lens

Product: Geo Olive Series Olive Green

Diameter: 14.00mm

Color: 4/5
Green is my favorite color, that fact along with this picture was why I purchased these lenses
As you can see the colors are not similar AT ALL!!! but it's a pretty shade of green nonetheless...

Opacity 3/5
Although these lenses cover my original eye color, they're not opaque enough to "lighten" my eye, and even with SUPER flash photography, you can only see it a little...

Design 3/5 
The olive series was designed to blend naturally with your eye, being an asian and all, there was no way green contacts were going to look natural... with that said it's still rather natural because of the ring color, it's a dark green instead of black, which contributes to the illusion of green eyes... 

Enlargement Effect 4/5
As you can see from the photo below, my eyes do look larger && dollier thanks to the lenses. The fact that my eyes are medium sized (asians), it helps make the enlargement effect of the lenses more evident. But if you have bigger eyes, these lenses won't do much, I'd also like to point out that the lenses look dollier in person versus photo. 

Comfort 4/5
These are fairly comfortable, I could wear them 6+ hrs without irritation, sometimes my vision blurs but I can blink it out, so no biggie. Another thing is the "viewing hole" or the clear part of the lens is a decent size, therefore unless your eyes are super dilated, the color of the lens should NOT be the reason for blurred vision. 

Overall: 3/5 && 4/5
3/5 to those that want a dramatic color change and dolly eyes (don't recommend)
4/5 to those that want "natural" lenses that offer an enlargement effect (recommend)

As much as I like these lenses, I would not be re-purchasing them, simply because there are so many other lenses out there I'd like to try, and I just don't LOVE these...So I'll enjoy them while they last...

View my HAUL for these lenses here~



  1. You've so pretty eyes! I love your blog - I follow you.

  2. Really pretty!!!!!! :) you have nice eyes!

  3. wow the green lenses are so pretty on you!! i would never think to try green lenses because i think they would look unnatural.. but they look surprisingly natural on you haha.

  4. @linda thank you =]

    @rainy days and lattes <3 thank you!!!

    @lisa thanks, it looks natural because it's a darker green and not too opaque~

  5. I fell in love with circle lenses a few months back, they're fantastic for special occasions when lots of photos are going to be taken.

    I see you're from Toronto, me too! :)

  6. @ Fashion to Go
    i agree!!! and most lens look the best in photos!!!
    && hi fellow torontian!!!

  7. Hey Steph :) Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my blog. Looking forward to more posts from you, keep in touch!

  8. Thanks for the review!

  9. great review hun! they look great on your so beautiful eyes but it has less to do with the lenses itself. personally i prefer grey or brown. they're more natural looking.

  10. @ fruity lashes
    thank you =D i agree grey and brown are more natural, grey eyes are also super exotic looking, especially if they're natural =]

  11. I love grey and green circle lens xD eheh These are surprisingly natural but ia...a little more color change would be nice. I think the lens look really nice on you though, you could easily pull it off for everyday looks I think :)

  12. @ Elle
    thank you~ I love grey eyes *swoon* yah I wanted my eyes to lighten more~

  13. How amazing are these lenses :D I love the green on you!