March 22, 2011

Difference Between New && Old My Beauty Diary Masks

Before I start on My Beauty Diary Masks reviews, I thought I'd show some comparisons between the old and new MBDs. Which was something I was curious about when I first researched and started using them. 

The 2 boxes of masks I'm comparing today have been manufactured on different dates, unfortunately I'm not exactly sure when the masks were changed in packaging and thickness.

Japanese Cherry Blossom : 2009. 11. 25 - 2012. 11. 25
Black Pearl: 2010. 07. 28 - 2013. 07. 28

MBDs have a shelf life of 3 years

EDIT: 03/23/2011
I forgot to mention, on the new boxes the little mask on the front under the "flavor/ scent" is filled in with shiny gold, where as the old ones only have the outline...

Right Side View
not a significant difference, cherry blossom outline only/ black pearl two-toned, colored in
Left Side View
black pearl: company info on the side instead of back, has extra design detail, where as cherry blossom is solid color block
Back View
obvious difference in layout, graphics in BP

Personally I prefer the back of the new boxes more because the words are not as cramped, more "professional"looking and it's more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Cherry Blossom : (company website)
Black Pearl : (line website)
Mask Pack Front:
the black pearl is 1/16" bigger at the top, but same size other then that
Mask Pack Back:
more info regarding mask on BP, I like this better because the user can recycle the box and still know info on the mask
old mask (japanese cherry blossom) thick, less flexible 
new mask (Black Pearl), WAY thinner, more serum, more flexibility in fit

I will have one more post on MBD and it's tips to get the most out of your MBDs~ 
then I'll get on to the reviews =] 



  1. sounds great!! ive been needing a face mask <3

  2. ahhh this was really helpful :) great post! Speaking of, I'm still trying to figure out the mystery of the # of slits :( how many slits are on your MBD masks?

  3. where do you buy your masks? because i heard some online sellers are fake =[

  4. I adore the new ones and have you tried their prestige line (think thats the name) Its the packets with 4 sheets only, they are even thinner, they look nearly invisible on the skin. Anyways this post was helpful thankies :)

  5. love the packaging of these but never had a chance to try them out =] must buy some next time i'm in HK

  6. I like the Black Pearl mask. The other ones that I really like so far is Natto and Sake Yeast. Cherry Blossom was only so-so for me as was the Aloe. I still have a bunch more to try.


  7. I love doing masks once in a while, but most of my experience are with thick masks and sometimes it is really hard to get maximum skin coverage.

  8. Oh wow!! I like the new MBD mask because it looks like the premium mask :))

  9. Wow these masks sound pretty great actually :))


  10. i still have a few sheets of the old one at home @_@ just too lazy to use mask =P

    but the new edition seems so much better =D!

  11. Thanks for the suggestion dear :) I will give the thinner ones a try since my skin is in need of some pampering as of late.

  12. thanks for showing :)
    I bought so many MBD masks when I went to hong kong so hopefully i can use them all before 3 yrs! hahah >O<

  13. I bought both of these recently and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are worth every cent I paid. I love your review. I didn't know that there were old versions of them.

  14. waaah, a cherry blossoms mask~ I reaaaally want to try this out. wonder if sasa got this on market >.<

  15. ok steph this is going to make me sound like a total noob.. but i've never used beauty masks before in my life.. what are they for?? moisturing?? is moisturing even a word AHAHAHAHA. moisurization?? or now i know that's def not a word........

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  17. I'm totally with you about the text on Asian shirts... maybe the words are what goes on in a native Asian's mind when trying to think in english haha!

    Also, I want to take the time to thank you for your comments on my blog ^^ Glad to know you are enjoying my posts!

  18. Thanks for the nice comments Sushi :) I noticed MBDM changed last yr - back in june.. i like the new ones but they rip much easily than the old ones. I like the new box packages too! I re-stocked on the bird's nest - can't wait to use them!

  19. Oh no i must be half asleep, I mean Steph! my sister is also called STeph :)