January 7, 2012


Hi everyone!!!! my poor blog has been neglected for 2 months ='[ the long version of why is on my MIA post, short version is collection, sleep, lazy, friends, priorities blah blah blah. Anyways this is a random unedited update post...

now in no specific order... my updates:

- passed my 5th semester and got a 4.0 *squealllll* but my overall GPA is still 3.9 because I stink at my gen-eds =[

- will still be extremely busy, forgot I had some co-op hours to finish, might have to quit my job to finish them

- dyed my hair 5 days ago, Liese Marshmallow Brown aka bubbi color lol even though she has a diff color now, you can read my review for the dye here, but it's for a different color - Chiffon Beige

- i finally caved and purchased "full size" Lush Aqua Marina and King of Skin

- i know I promised a giveaway this past year 2011 but I had an unplanned HK trip and that took things for a spin...

- i have starting taking pics for my faves of 2011 and unlike the fail version of 2010 I will try to do a mini review under each product because I didn't end up reviewing ANY of my 2010 faves... smh...

- confession... this winter holiday I COULD have updated... but (insert all the reasons/ excuses) didn't and I'm sorry

- collection collection collection... no pics yet... haven't made anything yet... all planning and approvals etc...

okay i think this is it... it's all I can come up with atm... alrighty... I hope to update before next weekend with my New Years Resolution... and yah... sorry for this half ass post


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