October 30, 2011

REVIEW: Liese Bubble Hair Color - Chiffon Beige

Product: Liese - Bubble Hair Color for Evenly Colored Hair - Chiffon Beige

Made in Japan

Expires: 2013/09/16

side view - back view, brief instructions
looking in the box...
contents of the box
- Solution 1 - 40ml
- Solution 2 (developer) - 60ml
- Hair Lotion 4g
- Foamer Cap
- 1 Pair of Gloves
- Instruction Sheets, available in Japanese, Chinese and English


Brand: Liese (trademark of Kao Corp. Japan, I just noticed that 90% of the japanese products I own/ use are under Kao)

Claims/ Descriptions: (back of box)
Massage foam into hair, and it transforms into thick, creamy foam! Even difficult to reach areas like the hair at the back of the head and the inner layers will be colored evenly and beautifully. Makes hair coloring fun!
  • hair feels smooth when fingers comb through
  • gives hair a shiny and moisturized finish
  • contains Amino Acid (moisturizer) 
  • contains royal jelly extract (moisturizer)

Packaging: Very cute and girly, unlike North American box dyes, where all the boxes are exactly the same color and the only difference is the girl and her hair color. Each box has it's unique color that represents the color, the only con to this is, you might mix up brands when they're all lined up.

Scent: Regular hair dye scent or Behr dry wall paint (i know this because i recently painted my room)

Price:  $69 HKD > $8.63 CND, purchased at Watsons HK

Easily Accessible: Yes, in Hong Kong and Asia. In Hong Kong, every convenience store, and grocery store that had a hair section carried this brand. Here in Toronto, I see Palty & Gatsby more, Liese is more rare.

Directions: (read Tips and Tricks below for more info)
1. Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, turn it upside down a few times gently to mix.
2. Gently squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam.
3. Apply foam to dry hair. Cover hair completely with foam and massage it in. 
4. Massage foam into hair with finger tips softly and gently.
5. Once hair is covered with foam, leaver for 20-30 minutes.
6. Rinse thoroughly, shampoo and apply the Hair Lotion enclosed. 

I really like this foam hair dye, especially for all over color. Like it claims, it does make hard to reach areas, like the back and inner layers of your hair slightly easier. As for even coloring, it's all about skill in my opinion. (read more under Tips & Tricks below) This is my second/ third Japanese brand hair dye, (first was Gatsby bleach 6 yrs ago and I can't remember if I've used Palty before) and I'm impressed. Not only with the results, but the extras they include in the box. The instruction sheet is available in three languages, Japanese, Chinese and English, it's also the prettiest instruction sheet I've come across yet because it's colored. Granted it loses it's appeal after the first time or those who've dyed their hair many times, but I did read it both front and back the first time because it was pretty. Okay back to the hair dye, this is my first foam dye and I feel like it's significantly less messy compared to NA dyes, and the only "problem" I had, was forgetting to squeeze the bottle upright, I'm always tilting. After dying my hair, I washed off the dye, did a quick in shower conditioner treatment and applied the enclosed hair lotion. It made my hair kind of greasy and textured until the wash next day, my hair didn't feel damaged but I followed up with a deep condition/ hair mask anyways. So yup!!! I like it and recommend it!!!

so colorful~ =] 

it's so hard trying to capture my "before" hair color. The color is actually the shade behind my ear, but all over... with black roots. I dyed it a long time ago with Perfect10                                    

As you can see, my roots were lighter then the rest of my hair, only because I applied the dye to my roots too soon. But in real life the difference wasn't THAT big lol. 

Repurchase? Yes, in fact... I already did, 3 more boxes of different colors, I "recently" dyed it Marshmallow Brown, so I only have Milk Tea Brown and Platinum Beige left.

Overall: 5/5

Tips && Tricks:
from box/ pamphlet
- This product should not be used to lighten hair that has been dyed black by hair color or hair manicure. *Using on hair that is strongly bleached or damaged may cause color results to vary or color to fade more quickly* Not for use on gray or white hair.
- One box is enough to color shoulder length hair.
- This product is for one-time use only. Do not store or reuse the remains.
- Do not use while taking a bath. This product is not a shampoo.

From Me
- Like the pamphlet mentions, do buy more then one box if your hair is longer then shoulder length or really thick. The color is more intense if your hair is more saturated. When I first dyed my hair with this dye, I just had a hair cut, so my hair was very thin so one box was enough.
- Don't dye your hair if it's just been washed, I try to have 36-48hr old hair
- Don't take the color "results" on the box seriously, it rarely turns out to be that color in one try.
- Once you've finished applying all the dye on your hair, use a plactic bag to cover it, then a shower cap to lock it and finally wrap it in a towel, this helps trap the heat to develop your hair faster.
- I usually add 15 - 30 minutes to the instruction time, rarely/ never go over 1 hour
- When washing out the dye don't shampoo,  just condition and wait at least 24hrs before shampooing.
- For example your hair has been dyed and you just want to freshen up the color (meaning the colors are fairly close to each other), then apply the dye all over, starting with the bottom layers working towards the outer layers and you should end up with even hair color.
- But if you have virgin hair, and you do the same thing, then your roots will be lighter then the rest of your hair, because of the heat coming from your head.
- If you have virgin hair or my hair,(my hair has been dyed but it's not close to the color I want it to become), then I apply dye all over your hair except the roots. (1" on the inner layers, 1.5" around the back & 2" in the front) After 2/3 of the time has past, apply the remaining dye on your roots and the hair color should be even.

Random Fact/ Note:
I've been dying my hair myself since 7th grade, so it's been 9 years of trials and errors. The tips I've listed above are some of the tricks I use every time. Colors I've dyed my hair: black, gazillion shades of brown, red, blonde, white blonde, orange, green, blue, pink, and purple.
Once again, I started this review months ago, but never finished it until now, so the bit about me "recently" dying my hair a different color was actually 2 months ago XD haha.



  1. Hi Steph! I haven't dyed my hair in over 7 years I think but these would be awesome for my mom. She dyes her hair all the time and she always looks so uncomfortable! I heard these stay on really well and aren't super runny.

  2. sounds like a potent dye! I tried to dye it back to black with another brand and it wouldn't go completely black LOL. Nice new hair shade! the price is similar to Japan.

  3. I've only been using Palty if I dye my own hair so it's nice to read about other Japanese brands. I love your hair color!


  4. This is the first Asian hair dye i used and it worked WONDERS on my jet black hair.. it's a bit pricey here at $24-30/box but i will definitely buy it again after I've tried the Palty hair dye ;D i may try some of your tips.. cept the not shampooing part.. i cant stand the stench of the ammonia/chemicals.. even though it'd lock the colour in better >.<;; thanks for the review ^.^

  5. This is really awesome! I should try it out. Need to redye my hair real soon. Btw lovely colour! I thought of doing my hair blonde again. haha~

  6. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  7. man, im not ballsy enough to dye my own hair. i feel like it'd burn off or something LOL

    but i love this color on you!!! it's hella hard to photograph hair color. mine looks super dark sometimes but in sunlight it's like light brown, wth hahaha

  8. im more into palty hair dye compared to liese :D have u tried em too?

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  10. Wow, you dyed your hair A LOT! haha Chiffon beige sounds too gorgeous doesn't it? :)

  11. I dyed my hair with the Dariya dye, which I think is nearly identical except in name, and had really good results with it too. The dye did a really good job lightening your hair color. I'll have to remember to wait to apply it to my roots for next time though. I haven't had too much experience dying my own hair :)

  12. Oops, I meant Prettia, not Dariya haha :P

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  14. nice. x

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  15. This is what I use to dye my hair too! so much easier!!

    from your new follower!

  16. does your hair feel super dry after using this? :o or is it no different? i was tempted to get marshmallow brown but idk... didn't think it'd turn out too well. i want lighter shades, if poss...