October 19, 2011

a LUSH week

A couple weeks ago, my friend Shannon and I RSVP'ed to the Lush Dream Cream party on Queen St. This is the goodie bag we received, minus the Aqua Marina and Ultra Bland cleansers, those were samples I asked for. This post is just going to be mini reviews of the products shown above except the Ultra Bland cleanser, that will be in my second LUSH review because I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I'd also like to point out, although I'm not a LUSH "noob" I've only tried a handful of their products before, mainly bath bombs and bubble bars. 

Anyways, this time around I have used all these products already, so they are going to be reviewed in this post, unlike my fail sample week a gazillion posts ago, it didn't go so well. Products are going to be mini reviewed in the order I used them in, and if I end up purchasing the full size of the product, chances are I'll do a full review!!! But I do have a long list of stuff I still have to write about... so we'll see where that goes.

You will notice some mustard colored words, and they're the opinions of my friend Shannon on these products =] She's also my personal LUSH consultant =D lol When she sent me her review, she also included a description of the product,which was a combination of her and the info on the site.


Product: Aqua Marina Clay Cleanser

Results: AMAZING, despite the small amount in the pot, this cleanser actually lasted me 5 day and night washes. I'm actually blown away by the results of this cleanser, I want to say "best cleanser I've used to date" but I've only used it 5 days so I can't. It's kinda troublesome to use for lazy people like me, but the results were worth it! My skin was brighter, clearer, no clogged pores and smoother. It removed all my dead skin without any pain and got rid of the bumps on my forehead. So a little about the bumps, they're kinda like scars? but instead of marks they're bumps and they've been there for 8 freaking years, after my first major breakout in 6-7th grade. Basically I've had a textured forehead for 8 years and 5 days of this cleanser smoothed it right out!!! Insane.... Only con of this cleanser is sometimes it leaves white residue marks on parts of my face after patting it dry, but nothing a little wiping won't solve.

FULL SIZE??? YES... DUHHHHH lol my forehead is STILL pretty darn smooth after I ran out of this cleanser (2 weeks ago)!!! That point alone was a good enough reason to get the full size =D Unfortunately I will have to wait, because I have a bunch of cleansers to try, and if I get this now I know I'm gonna ignore all my other cleansers =p 

 Product: King of Skin Shower Body Butter Bar

King of Skin is an in-shower body butter that you would use as the final step in your shower/ bath routine. It's a solid bar full of natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Oat Milk, and Bananas (YES BANANASSSS!!!! also helps soften the skin)

Results: FABULOUS, this quarter bar lasted me 5-7 showers? When I saw this bar in the goodie bag, I wasn't too sure what to do with it. But my friend Shannon explained that it was a shower body butter bar, that was used after washing and in the shower. You have to make sure you're clean before using this because after using the bar, the water just glides off you, and make sure to pat dry when you come out of the shower. In short, not crazy about the scent, it's very natural but it really softens my skin!!!

FULL SIZE??? Yes, but when it gets colder/ dryer because that's when my skin needs the most moisture. Also, because it's kind of expensive... $13-$14 CAD a bar and it's not that big. 

SHANNON: I LOVE!!! King of Skin, it's very moisturizing and actually does help to soften it as well. I am a lover of natural scents (unlike Stephanie lol!!!) and I also think it smells amazing. I would repurchase.  
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Product: Figs and Leaves Soap

Figs and Leaves is a bar soap made with well... figs and leaves!!! (seriously there's actual leaves that sit on top of the soap!!!) It's also made with Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang and Brown Seeds to help exfoliate. 

Results: The scent was no good, it's too natural for my tastes. Like what I said to the LUSH SA, I prefer "artifical natural scents" lol that earned me a 'wtf' look. Anyways this soap cleanses and moisturizes really well, the only problem is I squeak after washing the soap off. A friend joked that the soap make me 'squeaky clean' lol but yah, not a good feeling, even though it did go away after I dried off. Funny thing is, only I squeaked after washing but not my friend Shannon, it's actually one of her favorites from Lush. 

FULL SIZE??? Nope, I just find soap too bothersome, always slipping and Lush soap is not exactly cheap either. 

SHANNON: Figs and Leaves is one of my favorite soaps from Lush, it's probably the most moisturizing soap they have and the smell is amazing!! In the shower the soap doesn't lather too much due to it's moisturizing properties, but leaves the skin very smooth. I always purchase the Figs and Leaves soap when I'm purchasing soap to top up my stock. (Yes, I actually collect and keep soaps in stock, it looks pretty and makes my bathroom smell good!!!) 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Product: UltraBalm

UltraBalm is an all purpose body balm and has the same consistency as Vaseline. It contains Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, and Rose Wax. Use it on dry skin, cuts or scrapes, or like me as a lip balm.

Results: It's kind of a paste? and it melts into a liquidly oil form in your fingers, allowing it to be easily spread. It worked really well when the eczema patch on my leg flared up, it stopped the itching and kept it moisturized for a good 16hrs. Apparently this is an all purpose balm, meaning you can use it anywhere for anything... but the smell wasn't very inviting so I've only used it on my eczema patches. Random note, I've been battling with eczema on my legs all my life they come year round and drive me nuts!!! Sometimes, I can't resist the itch and it leaves scars, so I can never be those girls that stick their legs out from a curtain/ door/ wall to entice a man =[ LOL

FULL SIZE??? No, although this product worked really well, I don't really NEED it atm. 

SHANNON: I really like Ultra Balm as a lip balm, it instantly smoothes chapped lips and keeps them comfortable, and works great as a lipstick base. The smell might be off-putting to some but due to my love of natural scents and products, I don't mind the scent. As soon as my sample is done I will be purchasing the full size, even though the price is a bit scary. 
★ ★ ★ ★

Product: Dream Wash

Dream wash is like a shower-gel but in a whipped consistency and it is for people with more sensitive or irritated skin. It's made with Chamomile, Lavender, Calamine, and other essential oils.

Results: Like the Figs and Leaves soap, after washing off the body wash my skin was really squeaky. It smells just like the Dream Cream (which is also very natural smelling ><) , but I don't find it particularly moisturizing, but I did like it's very light texture/ weight. 

FULL SIZE??? Nope, pass... simple as that lol

SHANNON: I don't have sensitive skin, but I can see how someone with sensitive skin would benefit from using this. It did leave my skin soft, but it's not something I would purchase because my skin isn't intolerable to anything, and the price is kinda of off putting as well.
★ ★ ★


The Lush located on Queen St. W has the BEST Lush service I've experienced to date, it's definitely worth the trip/ walk from Eaton Center. It's in an easy location to find and the store is very spacious,  so the smells are never over-powering. At this location the service is always friendly, approachable, and there's never any pressure to buy anything. The SAs are generally very helpful, especially one... but I can't remember her name >< Her service was fantastic, she listened to all my skin's problems, finding products that would work/ teaching me how to make certain products work for my skin, even though her shift was over =D The Lush at Eaton Center is always cramped and there's never someone to help you when needed. 


p.s If you're wondering why I'm not commenting on your blogs please read my MIA post...


  1. thanks for the wonderful reviews!!! dude i am so with you on this...i prefer "artificial" natural scents too HAHAHA some scents r just too natural i smell like i took a shower in the woods or something! i've never tried a single LUSH product, can u believe it?!?!?! I def wanna try out the Aqua Marina Clay Cleanser now though :D

  2. Great review <3 I love Lush products but they are SO expensive in the long run (in NZ anyways - like $30+ for a tiny bit!)

  3. Hi Steph. Whenever I need to buy something I usually go to Eaton Center but it's true that location is super tiny. Glad you found some items that you liked and worked for you =]

  4. Hi babe!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

    It's been awhile since I have tried lush.. I used to use AOBS alot :)

  5. I have the Ultrabalm too! I bought the full sized one. The smell use to kind of bother me, but I figured if I stopped smelling it, it would get better lol :p I use it on my legs too.