October 10, 2011


(this is for you Bessie =D lol) 

So HI everyone!!! *waves enthusiastically* did you miss me? =] 

So I have been MIA for a week ish now? (it could be more but my days and weeks are so jumbled) and I just want to say I'll continue to be MIA. lol Well kinda...  for those of you who have been following my blog, youtube or twitter for awhile probably know I study Fashion Arts. (fashion design) I'm currently in my last year, so there is a lot of prep work I need to do to prepare for my graduating collection as well as a couple competitions. I've been working nonstop and have recently gotten a job to help fund said collection. ( I've never had to juggle school and work together before, it's usually one or the other =p) Fortunately/ unfortunately, my collection has taken a turn and I more or less have to start from scratch. (5 months of work down the drain) Good thing is I'm loving how the pieces I'm designing are evolving, but the fabrics are killing me... either with minimums, selection, or price. I might post a color story/ palette  up for voting later... need help deciding.  

In short, I'm going to be focussing on school and work at the moment. I probably won't have time to read and comment on blogs/ videos anymore, but I'll try to read some whenever I can. As for my youtube/ twitter and blog, they'll be updated whenever I have something to post/ upload/ tweet. Chances are, my twitter is going to be most "active" because I have a half ass twitter app on my phone so I can tweet, but not really do much else 0.o lol. 

um... yah... I actually have some videos/ blog posts/ reviews lined up to be edited. So I guess I'm not really going MIA on the input end (I've never consistently posted videos/ posts) lol just not going to be as "responsive/ active"!!!

Teasers/ Things to Expect:

- BEG Miryo Sixth Sense Inspired Tutorial
- Puccho Review

- Kate Eyeshadow Review



  1. awww it's too bad you dont have time, work is more important. Keep at it :)

  2. WHAT?! I had no idea u studied fashion!!! SOOO COOL!!!! good luck w your collection my dear, i'm sure it'll be AMAZING!!

  3. Good luck with your collection bb <3 Can't wait to see some finished pics of your end product ;)

  4. awww I miss you!! You look gorgeous in your photo! Love your top and your hair, and of course..You ;D