June 6, 2012

DRAMA REVIEW: Rooftop Prince

(source: Drama Fever)

Drama: Rooftop Prince

No. of Episodes: 20

I LOVE watching dramas on this site, it's good quality and there's english subtitles. They also have licensing rights from the companies so you don't have to worry about watching a drama half way then having it removed because of copyrights. It’s the only place I stream dramas now!
Network: SBS - 2012
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Type: Korean Drama
 CAST: 4/5
Micky Yoo Chun as Lee Gak/ Yong Tae Yong
Han Ji Min as Park Ha
Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Moo
Jung Yoo Mi as Hong Se Na
They did a really good job casting the main characters, but the main supporting ones... I’m iffy about. That’s actors Lee Tae Sung and Jung Yoo Mi. To be completely fair Lee Tae Sung annoyed me in Playful Kiss, his character and over exaggerated accent was painful to watch, so I had a little bit of prejudice towards him. Even in this drama, his character and acting was over-dramatic most of the time, especially in the last couple scenes -sigh- As for Yoo Mi, meh. 
I was blown away by Yoo Chun’s acting since the first episode. I kinda expected it to be good, since I heard good things, and he had main roles drama after drama. But I was still worried he might be like Teacyeon from 2PM who also had a few roles one after another, but his acting is kinda cringe worthy at times. The actors that played Yoo Chun’s servants from the Joseon era were also worth mentioning, they played their roles beautifully. 
Plot: 4/5
I like the plot as a whole, but when it’s broken down some parts/ scenes don’t really make sense. For example Park Ha’s friends that live a floor below hers, when the drama started it seemed like they would be a constant in her/ their lives...but all of the sudden they’re never heard from again. It’s minor things like this that takes away from the plot, ironically you don’t notice this when watching, only after it’s done. 
Summary from DramaFever
A prince from the Joseon era (Micky Yoochun) travels to present-day Seoul with a special team he put together (Lee Min Ho, Jung Suk Won, and Choi Woo Shik) in order to solve the mysterious death of the woman he loved (Jung Yoo Mi). To his surprise, when he arrives, he meets a woman that looks exactly like her. However, it's not only the princess who has a modern-day doppelganger, but everyone including the prince himself.”

Fashion: 4/5
There’s not much to say... other then it worked. Nothing major worth mentioning or complaints. 
Cry Meter: 3/5 
I didn’t cry a lot in this drama, there were a couple scenes but it wasn’t like I bawled my eyes out or anything. Like some scenes I was totally on board with the characters, but for the most part my emotions weren’t completely attached. 

My Thoughts:
Overall, I really enjoyed this drama, a lot of times I get bored in the middle but this was very interesting and I had no problem watching it immediately after each update. I feel like I could have been attached to this drama emotionally if not for Lee Tae Sung’s acting haha, it sounds bad but true. I hope he gets less annoying roles in the future, and tones down his acting so I can see him in a new light. 
Overall: 4/5
Recommend: Yes, I do recommend it, it’s definitely worth watching. Don’t let my Lee Tae Sung rants prevent you from watching, it’s a good drama really. 

update: Sorry for being MIA so long, I will try to update more often. Expect more drama reviews coming up, I've been so addicted lately because I found a drama buddy to spaz with. Don't worry there will also be beauty reviews/ posts here and there.



  1. Gonna defo put this on my 'to watch' list atfer my exams are over :3

  2. Oooo this one sounds like it might be a good watch. I've been slacking on my dramas lately, and have been looking for something new to see. Thanks for recommending the site btw - I hate watching midway only to find out I can't access the rest of the videos!

  3. ......i love this drama too.. ^_^

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