August 17, 2011

Eating in Toronto: Phoenix Restaurant

Place: Phoenix Restaurant

Address: 7155 Woodbine Ave. 

Type: Chinese

Price Point: Affordable $2- $15

Environment: clean, open space, it's also a good size for the amount of customer flow

Service: 4/5

Hainan Chicken Rice
(steamed chicken on rice with ginger sauce)

This is one of their featured dishes and definitely one of my favorites. I've tried a couple other places that have this dish, but none of them offer the same amount of flavor. The flavoring and taste has gone down, compared to when it first opened but it's still pretty good.

Yunnan vermicelli with tofu fish cake in fish broth

Despite the name, the noodles aren't actually vermicelli and it doesn't taste like fish at all. I'm someone that prefers intense flavors that's why this dish is so yummy, the broth, noodle, winter melon, fried tofu and bean sprouts are all very light in flavor; and all the "heavier" flavor is in the tofu fish cake, so when it's eaten together it's a nice harmony. 

vermicelli with beef brisket in spicy beef soup

I only had a bite of this, so I can't say much... but the brisket is nice and soft and flavor is not overwhelming. But like the soup noodles mentioned above, again it's not vermicelli, and I'm not crazy about it.  

Condensed Milk on Thick Toast

The day before I went to eat at Phoenix Restaurant I had an INTENSE craving for condensed milk on toast, while editing some HK pictures. When I saw it on the menu, I had to get it, it kinda got it out of my system because it wasn't good and I doubt I'd find it made as nicely as it was in HK. =[ 

Other Foods Worth Trying: 
- Pork Chop Sandwich
- Club Sandwich
- Hot Plates
- Pastry dessert with ice cream
( I can't remember the name, they usually have pictures, but it's yummy && pretty)

Revisit: Yes, I would revisit this place just for the Hainan Chicken Rice, because like I've mentioned, it's the best I've had so far. But if anyone else knows good Hainan Chicken rice in Toronto let me know =] 

Overall: 4/5 worth trying, but if you're only in Toronto for a couple days, there's better places to eat =p 



  1. Oh the food looks really good! I've heard about Hainan Chicken Rice on the Travel Channel, looks good. I always see pictures of brick toast but never had it. ^^ Thanks for the restaurant review.

  2. Now I'm hungry! The Hainan Chicken dish looks really yummy!


  3. Hi Steph. Yummy steamed chicken ... One of the best ways to have chicken in my opinion. I love condensed milk with toast. I probably have it for breakfast at least once a week. Toast 2 slices of bread and put some peanut butter and condensed milk on there. The best! Better than PB and jelly. Are you looking for HK style where the toast is stuffed? There are some Chinese diner places at Spadina that do that. Canteen is one place but I wouldn't really recommend the place, though my bf and his friends love it there.

  4. omgosh condensed asian butter toast is like one of my top 10 favorite things to eat of all time.. ugh.. i wish i could have some RIGHT NOW hahaha

  5. oh god you pretty much ordered everything I would eat hahaha.. I miss Condensed milk on toast ... so good yet so bad for me LOL!