August 29, 2011

Circle Lens Haul && KiwiBerry1 Review

A couple weeks ago I purchased 3 pairs of circle lenses from Kiwiberry1 because:
1) my old ones expired (a year old)
2) there were lenses I wanted to try
3) I tried looking for circle lenses in Hong Kong, but they were either over-priced, pmall priced ($30+), or sold in a sketchy environment
4) some of the tutorials I was planning on doing, required certain lenses
5) there was a 40% off sale

This was how my package arrived, lenses bubble wrapped, lens cases and a thank you note.

Website Navigation: Easy 5/5
I like that I can find lenses by color or brand, if I choose brand it's also separated by line. 

Stock: 4/5
Kiwiberry sells 5 brands of contacts, EOS, G&G, Geo, Hana and MI, although lot of the lenses are in stock, there some lines that don't offer all the colors available. They also don't offer all the newest lenses, for example Geo, Kiwiberry carries the new Xtra series but not the princess mimi or princess mimi cafe. Lenses are usually offered in plano, and they do have some prescriptions available, but not a lot. (read more in the Customer Service bit, where they answered some of my questions)

Prices: 5/5
All lenses are $20 each, I really like that they're all the same price. They always have sales or discount codes of some sort so keep an eye out!!!

Packaging: 4/5
Everything came undamaged, it's simple and straight forward. I took a point off, because that's all it was, compared to the other companies I've seen, they don't do anything "extra" but maybe that's why they can keep their prices at $20 so I don't mind too much. 

Shipping: 5/5
Considering the package came from Vancouver and I live in Toronto shipping should have been faster, they still get a 5/5 because it was not long after the postal office strike was lifted. It took under a week, 5-6 days (sorry couldn't remember) but that included the weekend so still fast. Shipping costs $7 flat with tracking for those in Canada and US, so it's better if you order a couple lenses at once. They also ship international, and it's $10 flat, Kiwiberry offers free shipping at $150. 

Customer Service: 5/5
At first I was going to leave this blank, but to "test" their "efficiency" (they claim to reply emails within 24hrs) I decided to send them a couple questions. FYI they did reply within 24 hrs. 

What I sent them...
I'm currently writing a review about your company for the readers of my blog. There are a couple questions I'd like to provide in my review, so I was hoping you can help me ^^

1) If a bigger prescription was needed, can you special order it for the customer?
2) Why don't you carry the "latest" lenses? i.e Geo Princess mimi/ mimi cafe even though it's really popular?
3) How often do site-wide sales happen?

Thank you for your help!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!



Thank you for your email.

To your questions:
1-Unfortunately rX lenses cannot be special ordered
2-We are currently in the works of adding more items and will soon be expanding with many more brands and styles later on this year.
3-sitewide sales happen every week (usually through out the weekend)

We would love to see your review! Hopefully you can share the link with us!

Thank you.
Have a wonderful week.


Overall: 5/5 
Despite the little points that got deducted, Kiwiberry still gets a 5/5 in my books...
1) service was quick and painless
2) the order went through and everything arrived safely and quickly
3) I would order from them again!
4) they ship from Canada, YAY for Canadians (this is a bias point =p lol) 

So check out what I got!!!!
&& what I paid....


lens = $20 USD
 3 pairs= $20 x 3
there was a 40% off code = $60 - (60 x 0.4)
lenses = $36
flat shipping rate = $36 + $7
Total = $43 USD
which equals to apprx $14.33 per pair...

omg... that was painful... >< 
i hate math... 

reviews will be up soon....

EDIT: follow them on twitter for the latest updates!!! There's also an end of summer 30% off site-wide discount atm.



  1. Great purchases can't wait for the reviews. Especially the lace brown design.

  2. they look really cool, can't wait to see how they look on you!! lmao i love your "math" hahahahaha i hate math too, thank god for my TI-84 LOL

  3. pictures NEEDED and thanks for the math warning, i skipped it =P I can't wait to see the lace ones XD

  4. I'm so eager to wear it two I think I'll choose some lighted brown almost yellow!I'd love to have you among my Followers on Bloglovin :)
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  5. LOLL at your math explanation!!:D
    how i wish i could get used to lenses, they are so pretty!!

  6. I'm excited for the reviews! I really want some pretty contacts... SO I am reading reviews trying to figure out what would be best! Any recommendations?