June 11, 2011

MBDS/ Sheet Masks Tips && Tricks

This post is going to be on getting the most out of your sheet masks and My Beauty Diaries. It's going to focus on storage and how to get the most excess serum for your neck, chest and arm areas =] I suggest watching the video, because it's not that long (under 4 minutes) and I can physically show you what I mean. 

If you buy masks in stores, they’re almost always stored upright. This is a problem because the excess/”loose” serum/ essence in the mask tends to settle towards the bottom half of the packet which is usually the nose & cheek area, meaning your chin and forehead will dry faster. 

To fix this, you should always flip the box upside down for a night or two before using, that way some of the serum/ essence in the mask comes back “down” towards the chin and forehead. 

From then on you whether they may be in their original boxes, shoe box or drawer, masks should be stored flat/ horizontal and flipped weekly/ bi- weekly. This way the serum/ essence in the mask will never settle on one side more then the other, resulting in an evenly moist mask. 

If you’ve purchased masks online, you don’t know how it’s stored in the warehouse, because they don’t care about aesthetic appeal as long as everything fits. When your masks arrive, use one from the box, try to see what part of the mask dries faster and flip the box towards that direction for a night or two. From then on, store horizontally, flipping weekly/ bi-weekly. 

Getting the most Excess Serum/ Essence for your MBDs: 

After removing the plastic backing to your sheet mask, DON’T throw it away!!! Put it aside while you apply the sheet mask, afterwards wipe off all the excess serum/ essence off the backing and apply it to the desired areas. If you usually throw the backing away, you’ll be surprised with the amount of leftover serum on the plastic backing.

If you have tips and tricks on storing and getting the most out of your masks, please share!!!



  1. Ahha I slather myself with the plastic backing too ^_^ The tip about storing the masks flat is really's so simple but it totally explains why my forehead and nose dried out first. I just assumed it was because my face was being weird or something...but once I started storing them flat, I didnt have this problem anymore so....yah!

  2. i always save the plastic sheet to get as much essense out of the mask as possible too! but i had never thought to turn the box upside down to get the essence to flow back into the mask. so smart! thnx for the tips!!

  3. Wow great tips about storing sheet masks, never thought to do this at all. Need to re-organize my stash now. :)