June 1, 2011

Collective HK Haul

I've been in Hong Kong for 3 weeks ish now, and this is some of the beauty products I've hauled from ColorMix, Bonjour, Watsons, Mannings, Lung Shing && SaSa. It's mostly products I want to try, not back ups yet =p lol

LE MBD Blooming of Beauty - mix pack of 12 - 6 "flavors"
Simply - Sexy Look -  Whitening mask
LE MBD - Sweet TeaTime - Earl Grey Tea and Macaroon Mask
LE MBD - Sweet TeaTime - Chocolate Truffles Mask
My Scheming - I LOVE My' (chinese words) - Tranexamic Acid & White Truffle Double Lifting Mask

the Simply mask and My Scheming mask both have ear hooks, and neck pieces =D

Amaranth - Detox Mud Mask (AMAZING... was sucker shoppered into this... but loving it so far, insanely good results =D )
Kuan Yuan Lian - Green Bean Mask/ cleanser
(purchased because of Joyce's video)

My Scheming Crystal eye masks
whitening and brightening (blue)
anti wrinkle (tan orange)

Mona aka Smerfette or Make Me Blush has mentioned crystal eye masks on her blog (post) before, it isn't the same brand, but a similar product? lol 

Skin79 - Super BB VIP Gold (bubbi's video)
Skin Food - Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream (because of Elle's review)
Skin Food - Red Bean BB Cream

I was going to get the Hot Pink Skin79 BB because of Jen frmheadtotoe but then I read somewhere (can't remember where) that pink was better for oily skin and gold was better for dry. My aunt ended up getting the pink one so I've been trying it from her =p 

If you look at the date of Elle's review, I've been eyeing the mushroom bb cream for the LONGEST time lol, you can't imagine my joy when I finally got my hands on it... btw her video review (i think she had a different video...)  got me interested and her blog review made me want it, i almost forgot it because Kat's review was neutralish, then Elle mentioned it on one of her tag posts that it was an indispensable product etc...  the reason I wrote such a long paragraph, is because this is one of the few products/ bb creams I've tried numerous times to get my hands on but failed, almost forgot it then finally have it... the whole "process" was almost a year  LOL =] btw I'm loving it so far, as well as the other bb creams above, but no reviews yet!!!

evian - mineral water mist
Vitacreme B12 (so many people =p)
Kose - Whitening cleansing oil (Joyce's review)

Wonder Double Eye Lid Tape (frmheadtotoe - post && cinderallaz - video on youtube)
Korean lashes
Heroine Make - Kiss Me - black eyeliner (Joyce && Nic Nic's comparison reviews) 

Jen's review is from a monolidder's P.O.V and Cindy's is from a double lidder's

Both bloggers picked Kiss me over Dolly Wink and K-Palette =p 


I've used/ tried almost everything, some products are ready to be reviewed && other require more time!!! 

Do check out the blog posts/ videos linked in this post because they're wonderfully written/ recorded!!!

P.S I'll be doing a separate haul post on Tony Moly && Hado Labo products =] 



  1. AWESOME Haul!!! I can't wait for your reviews!


  2. great haul! i hope everything works for you. :D

  3. awesome mask haul! i asked my mum to pick up a couple of the boxes. cannot wait to pick them up when i go home to the UK!

  4. o wow thats a lot of stuff O_O was the BB mushroom cream expensive?

  5. ahhh you got so much neat cool stuff.. i'm so jelly you're in asia!!! they always have the best stuff :) can't wait to see your reviews hon!

  6. I really really wanted to try the Dollywink liner. Please do a review on the Kiss me version. I'd love to see how you like it. Your Hong Kong haul is amazing.

  7. Im lusting after your masks (surprise ahah) and it's so weird but you are like...reading my mind! I've been eying the Red Bean BBcream for weeks now! I'm almost done with my Mushroom (which I still love very much) but something about the red bean intrigues me. Plus the Mushroom is such a good color match for me and I don't feel like bothering with trying to get another color match :( I hope you do a comparison of both of them one day ^_^ I heard the Red Bean is for moisturizing - even if I am oily, I don't think you can ever hydrate too much eheh I'm glad you're liking the Mushroom tho :D!

    You got a great range of stuff ^_^ and I'm happy you're having so much fin in HK!