June 20, 2011

HK Snack/Candy Reviews

Mentos - Fresh Cola
Packaging: 4/5 simple && direct (should have taken a picture of the “tube”)

Price: 5/5 $9.9 HKD = $1 ish CAD (for 2 and a mini stapler...STEAL)

Taste: 3/5 typical asian cola candy flavor in mentos form...don’t know what I was expecting... lol

Re-purchase? maybe... undecided...

Matcha Soft Candy

Packaging: 5/5 brilliant the outside packaging is quite eye-catching and aesthetically appealing, makes you want the product first. Then when you open it and the it’s kinda simple but you try it anyways because you’ve already bought it and BAM yum =D

Price: 4/5 $15 HKD = $1 almost $2 CAD but if you buy it in Canada it’s $4-$5 

Taste: 5/5 very unique =] at first bite you get an extremely bitter matcha powder flavor, but after awhile it turns into a sweet and soft creamy toffee like candy. After a few, the bitter matcha flavor becomes very enjoyable and you try to savor it!!! 

Re-purchase? YES so good!!! gotta stock up in HK

side note: The picture on the packaging it fairly accurate of the product, but you don’t have to worry about the candy being messy, because all the powder is stuck on nicely and not as “loose”.

Coffee Soft Candy

Packaging: 5/5 same as above, but the inside packaging matches the coffee flavor very well IMO, has a coffee shop feel~

Price: 4/5 same as above

Taste: 5/5 the bitterness to sweet isn’t as extreme as the matcha, but has a very strong coffee flavor. Even my aunt and uncle... picky coffee lovers enjoyed it!!!

Re-purchase? Definitely =D

side note: the coffee and matcha candy would be perfect drama candy, there’s always a girl that uses candy to get rid of her frustrations!!! The bitter taste would be her anger, and the sweet flavor would calm her down =] hehe

Kinda Bueno - White

Packaging: 4/5 simple, direct and consistent with the original

Price: 5/5 $6HKD = not even $1 CAD, so same as Dollarama pricing

Taste: 4/5 I use to be OBSESSED with Kinder Bueno, I bought boxes from Costco... but of course with so many, I eventually got sick of the flavor. The Bueno White is slightly sweeter then the original, and has a barely noticable sensation your mouth. It’s because it’s decorated with tiny cookie or chocolate crumbs, at the same time it worries me because it can get stuck in between your teeth =p haha

Re-purchase? not immediately, my sweet tooth for bueno has decreased, but it’s a nice treat once every blue moon =] 

Lotte - Any Time

Packaging: 3/5 based off of the individual packaging, haven’t bought the bag yet, was given a generous handful =p It’s simple, in a pretty shade of blue teal and shiny =] and I like shiny stuff. Unfortunately it doesn’t really state what the candy is, but once you taste it, you kinda get the packaging...

Price: don’t know yet, will update once I buy a couple bags =]

Taste: 5/5 So unique, it’s 2 hard mint candies sandwiching a milk one, like nothing I’ve ever tasted =0 Absolutely delicious, I’m quite surprised how nicely these 2 strong flavors  work together, definitely worth trying!!!

Re-purchase? YES, very nice twist on milk candy, because sometimes it can leave your mouth with a slight aftertaste, but mixed with mint, you get a fresh breath. 

Calbee- Garlic Bread Grill-a-Corn

Packaging: 5/5 I like that it shows the product, shows the flavor and is in a matte coating, which stands out amongst the other brands of chips, which usually have a shine. In terms of the actual package design, it’s VERY tightly sealed with a lot of air, so you don’t get a lot of crushed pieces, but it’s also kinda hard to open.

Price: 5/5 $5.9 HKD = >$1 CAD very good

Taste: 2/5 The first couple you taste will have a very nice garlic butter flavor, after a couple more, all you get is corn. When you’re done, the garlic flavor although you no longer taste it, lingers in your mouth for a long time, gum only “numbed” the flavor temporarily lol 

Re-purchase? NO, I rather eat garlic bread =]

Calbee - Hot & Spicy Grill-a-Corn

Packaging: 5/5 same as above, not as spicy as the flavor picture suggests

Price: 5/5 same as above

Taste: 5/5 YUM, It’s nice and spicy, and not the kind of spicy that numbs your taste buds. Very good combo, you can taste both the corn and spices =] 

Re-purchase? yes, very good =] 



  1. the cola mentos look good!!!

  2. HOLY CRAP - so THAT's what it's called - Matcha soft candy! Steph sent me some and it was SO good... I'm glad to see that the brand maes coffee as well ^_^ YUM

    And Anytimes~ i was so addicted to those last year - the middle layer is so weird and yummy. ehhe i love your candy posts!

  3. i wont lie the soft coffee candy looks gross =P

  4. i love anything Matcha flavored! I'm usually obsessed with the 100million types of KitKats they have in asian countries hehe

    great blog btw =D

  5. Mannnn Asia always has better snacks!!!!

  6. I love Asian snacks, wish there was more selection here.