June 10, 2011

Hado Labo, Tony Moly && Mask Haul

Con't Haul

Hado Labo Original - Cleanser
Hado Labo Whitening Line - Lotion
Hado Labo Original - Milk
Hado Labo Whitening Line - Serum
There was a slight mis-communication between my aunt and I, my intention was to get the whitening milk, but no biggie. I’ve been using these products for a month now and have seen very nice results =] Will review soon

Tony Moly Tomatox
Tony Moly Appletox (read Elle’s review) 

My Scheming - I Love My... - EGF & Amino Acid Double Lifting Mask
My Scheming - I Love My... - Hyaluronan & Blue-Green Algae Hydrating Double Lifting Mask
My Scheming - I Love My... - L-Ascorbic Acid & Ellagic Acid Brightening Double Lifting Mask
My Scheming - I Love My... - Q10 & Royal jelly Double Lifting Mask
Loved the first box I bought, wanted to try the other flavors as well =] The mask is a little tight for my fat face lol but it’s probably better tight then loose =p haha



  1. the apple and the tomatoe are SO CUTE!!! i love packaging that looks like the real thing. HAHAH is that weird? :)

  2. Great Haul!! Let us know how the products work out!!

  3. nice haul!! let us know how you get on with them :)

  4. Your hauls are making me green with envy ^_^! I'm glad you got your hands on the Appletox, I hope you like it as much as I do :} And Tomatox review would be amazinggg *hint hint* ;)