September 21, 2011

ELF Beauty Manual - Everyday Eye Edition Swatches && Review

When you open the instruction side, there's actually a blank page with an eye and lines for you to note down what you used to create the look you liked. Very useful, because a couple posts ago Kat and I were talking about the same thing, creating pretty looks and forgetting how they were done.
Please view swatches from L-R according to the numbers...

All swatches are swatched, finger first then on to the arm.

T-B = dry swatch, swatch with NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk Base, Wet Swatch

 Eyes 1-6
Eyes 7-12
Eye 12 - WORST eye shadow EVER, crumbly and gross
+ eyeliner swatch =] 

Product: ELF Beauty Manual - Everyday Eye Edition

Price: $5

Using it Wet: Whenever I use my eyeshadows wet, I usually wet the brush then dip into a corner of the eyeshadow, then from then on that corner is only for wet shadows. Unfortunately that doesn't work with these ELF shadows, with these shadows it's best to get the shadow on your brush or finger first then wet it, or wet the area where you want the shadow. 

The quality of these eye shadows are a little different from the ELF quad I purchased awhile back. I would say the quality is a little poorer (not the smoothest texture), the pigmentation is the worst/ weakest I've seen to date, but also the most promising. With one swipe/ swatch the results are practically invisible, but it can be built up to the color you see in the pan. These shadows are best applied by finger and blended with a brush, any other way the results have been disappointing. On to the eyeliner, when I purchased the pencil eyeliner on it's own, it had been hard and painful to apply, whereas the one included in the kit was easier but no where near as smooth or pigmented as the UD 24/7 (duhh... $1 < $22). 

Overall: I think this is a great beginners kit with some nice colors and different finishes, none of the colors are overly pigmented so one can practice with blending and color application. But for "experience/ seasoned" make up users, this palette is quite a hassle, especially if you already have a nice size eye shadow collection. For me personally, I don't mind using this palette, because there are a couple colors/ finishes I don't own, but this is a palette I won't reach for if I'm in a rush, since it does take time to build color. 

Side Note: If you've seen my ELF haul, I just like to mention some of the items are to be used in a beginners make up kit post I'm making for my cousin. Many asked about the ELF lash curler, but that's for her so I can't say much, other then the one I purchased from ELF awhile back did the job but wasn't mind-blowing. 



  1. I've never bought ELF cosmetics but I know the prices are really reasonable. It's just too bad this pallette isn't as vibrant as you'd like. I should get something like this as I am not the most advanced eye shadow user out there!

  2. damn $5 is mad cheap!! they really are great for beginners! i wish i'd discovered this when i was in HS just trying out makeup. i could've bought a lot more w my measly allowance LOL

  3. i have one but i think mine's an older version and it has different shades.
    thanks for the swatches and review! :)

  4. Thanks for the review. For $5, I can live with worse pigmentation and smoothness but I'm a beginner. Literally a noob, own no eyeshadows. Thanks for the swatches, it's a lot of variety and look possibilities.

  5. Thank you for the review (and the honesty!) I am thinking maybe I will pick up a quad instead?

  6. That's too bad the shadow quality isn't as great as their other shadows. I like how it comes with the empty pages so you can jot down notes though! :D

  7. umm can i say you do the best swatches.. it looks so pretty and perfect and i loved the "hi :)" hahahaha

  8. I still think ELF shadows can't be beat :p But they are great colors, aren't they? :) you do awesome swatches!

  9. ELF is so affordable - great for beginners. wish I could try their brushes and some of their palettes!

  10. Great review!

  11. these beauty encyclopedia's are amazing AND a great steal!