January 27, 2011

Collective Haul: SDM, Sephora, Beauty Star, BBW

  I’m doing a collective haul today...this haul was from before the holidays so I’ve used most of the products already, but not long enough for reviews~ But I will be having reviews up as soon as I figure out an outline, I'd also like to apologize ahead time that my first handful of posts might be very jumpy, still getting used to blogging... i've only had two posts lol!
[The prices in green are the prices I paid, the ones in purple are the original prices...&& all prices are in CND]

Downtown Shopping (Eaton Centre area)

from L to R
  • China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners - 879 Sugar Plums [$3.99 - $8.99 or $9.99]
  • Essie Nail Polish - 725 Pretty Edgy [$3.99 - $5.99 or $6.99]
I got the two nail polishes for $3.99 each, from the reject bin!!! I'm not sure why they were there in the first place... since they were in good condition, purchased from Toronto Beauty Supply Shop?(it's one block from eaton centre... I'll find the full name the next time I go, it was the first time I've ever gone in, even though I've walked past it a million times before)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - 118 [$45 i think]
One of my favorite foundations =D it's my second bottle ~ (Sephora)
  • St. Ives Element (fresh skin) moisturizing olive scrub [with olive oil] [$7.99 - $9.99]
I have the cleanser, and it seems to work great, so I got the scrub... so far I'm liking it!!! 
  • Garnier Herbashine - 415 Dark Opalescent Brown [ $6.99 w/ $2 off coupon = $4.99]
I swore I wouldn't dye my hair... but that little vow never goes far lol!!! It was on sale && I got a coupon... so I had to get it =p

Prize from a TDHally's giveaway
this isn't part of the haul, but i met up with her on the same day so TADA!!! 

This was my first time winning a giveaway and actually receiving the prize so it was REALLY exciting. There was actually a little mix-up when she announced the winners because there was another "Steph" that contacted her saying she was the winner and she didn't check so she sent her the prize, then when I contacted her she realized it was the wrong Steph, but she gave me a prize nonetheless! So nice... I've also purchased items from her facebook shop The Doll House Shop before and had a really good experience, great customer service!!!

The next couple items were all from Beauty Star~
(when shopping at pmall/ pacific mall you have to be careful when you're buying products because some places sell fake stuff)

- My Beauty Diary Masks - Black Pearl, White Bulgarian Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom
 $13 a box -  3 for $30
- Skin79 Diamond Collection Prestige BB cream [$22 - $30]
Beauty Star carries a wide variety of asian products and offer them at a decent price point (NO TAX =D) && the last couple times I've gone, they've always had specials!!! 

Bath & Body Works

- CO Bigelow Green Tea Whipped Body Mousse [50% off $7]
- CO Bigelow Green Tea Body Cleanser [50% off $7]
- CO Bigelow Triple Hot Chocolate Lip Shine [ 75% off $2ish]

I rarely purchase products from Bath & Body Works at full price, since they always have sales!!!


It's been less then a week and I've already posted 3 posts (including this one) *pats self on back* 
but I feel like I'm neglecting my youtube...&& I'm not sure why my font sizes keep changing 0.o please let me know if this was too wordy for a haul post...



  1. MBD ftw hehe~

    I'm mad curious about the CO Bigelow stuff, all I've tried from that brand is the lipgloss.

  2. Great haul! I especially want to try BB creams! Do you think they are worth it? Are the better than foundations? What would you recommend?

  3. Great haul! You won a giveaway! How nice.

    I hope that you'll do a review on the Skin79 Diamond Collection Prestige BB Cream. I haven't tried that one. I did try the Hot Pink BB Cream though.


  4. Lovely haul!! ^_^ yay for mUFE HD foundation!! such a great foundie IMO :)

    I love MBD masks!! yay! :D

  5. @ InsideOut Elle
    of course!!! lol love em~
    I was too~ that's why I picked these two up when it went on sale =p but I haven't really used it yet... but I will soon~ can't keep new stuff untouched for too long =p

    sorry I can't help you~ this is my first bb cream =p
    but i'll have a review of it once i've formed an opinion on it!!! but you should check out kat's (galpal.hi) blog she did a extremely helpful comparison/ review of her bb creams =D

    she has more bb cream reviews but they're not included in that specific post =]
    hope this helps~~

  6. @ galpal.hi
    yah it was very exciting =D
    of course~ and yah i've been looking for that hot pink bb cream && i've finally found it for a pretty good price but I figured I shouldn't try so many new products at a time =p but it's on my list of products to try

    @ iyah
    the MUFE HD foundation is a definite love~ =D
    && the MBD masks so affordable && they work!!!

  7. The prices for the MBD masks at Beauty Star is so reasonable. Thank you for the post. I never buy stuff from pmall because so many units jack up the price like no tomorrow. Thanks for the post.

  8. @Fannie
    I was surprised too~ There's a store at Market Village that sold MBDs for $14 ish but they charge tax

    Some of Beauty Star's prices are overpriced too but most of it's not bad~Oh yah if you plan to go... one unit is super small && the other is BIG (compared to most pmall stores) but check out both ~

  9. Hi came across your blog today very Nice BTW :-) I'm now interested in trying new things.

  10. nice haul! you got some good bargains there... i have heard a lot of the MUFE foundation :)

  11. @DeJhanee
    thank you for visiting =D
    i love trying new stuff~

    @ Nic Nic
    yah my cheap bum really did!!! lol
    believe it or not i hated the MUFE hd foundation at first but now its one of my faves!!!

  12. i swear u have to go beauty shopping with me next time! We've never been to one together before =( We used to owez go out for foooood =3 hmm...

  13. @ Michiko Kawashi

    YES we do!!!
    i haven't seen you in so freaking long~

  14. I've been dying to try MBD masks forever! I never knew that Pmall had them hehe...actually i heard T&T supermarket sells them too! But the Beauty Star prices are ridiculously cheap haha! Which store is beside/close to Beauty Star? I'm planning on going this week C:

  15. @Joyce

    MBDs are amazing!!! they do, but they're a couple bucks more expensive =p a lot of products are quite affordable~ sorry I can't remember but go to the bigger one, it's on the side closer to market village~